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Black Widow Audio


Below are the projects that I have finished writing, not all of the projects and equipment I have designed and built has been published.

Preamplifier / Headphone Amplifier Combo, this preamp is simple and has a headphone circuit as well, all in a simple nice sounding circuit, with natural crossfeed. See also Gallery

Black Widow Audio Headphone Amp - A Dedicated headphone amp, which is used with an outboard power supply unit, which features, high quality opamps and natural crossfeed, and excellent sound. See Additional Parts and class-a and/or switchable crossfeed option. Info - Appendix & Gallery


Power Supplies ArticlePower Supplies - An 'Article' I have been attempting to write still in progress.

Update on 60 Watt Power AmplifierThis is semi-complete the,60 watt modified transistor kit I found. It is worth reading out of inerest! Also check out the photo's.

New Page Balanced Line DriverBalanced Line Driver / Receiver - For use as stand alone units to convert a single ended audio signal into a balanced signal and convert balanced signals into single ended, I will be using it to link my computer and hifi, it is a seven meter cable run - Updated Added info about cable types and configuration.

Various Amps - Recent amp based on the Philips TDA1514a for use on my computer see gallery.

Tape Deck - Slightly unusual, I saw this project built it changed the design slightly, used different opamps, and battery for the audio section, and a lovely tape mechanism, just need to box it now. This sounds excellent without a box, as long as care is used for construction.

Precision Preamp 96' - This project will not be published because it was not designed by me, but details can be found at Doug Self's Website in the Link page.

Looking Forward... Future Projects

Active Crossover - I still have to built a couple more amps before I start building this, but I have a design I am going to use, it can be found on ESP Website in the links page.

Computer Preamp - My own design with a balanced line driver for the long cable run to my preamp (7 meters) from my computer.

Possibly a surround decoder...

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