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Black Widow Audio

Others... Gallery

Others... - Gallery

Please Be Patent While Images Load...

6mm Jack

6mm Headphone Jack

6mm Jack

6mm Headphone Jack Connections

Standard 4mm Banana Plus and Socket

4mm Banana Plug and Socket

Heatsink Case Cross section

Case Cross-section

Headphone Amp & Preamp

Didn't know what to do with this Headphone and Preamp Together

Phono Leads

Phono Plugs the one on the left has been filled with hot glue.

Input Selector

Selector switch close up

Power and Phono Leads

Phono Leads Short for Headphone Amplifier and PSU Lead

TDA1514a Amplifier

Messing Around with TDA1514a IC amplifier for computer.

Pwer Supply Components

Err Transformer and 10000uF Capacitors and a Bridge Rectifier

Sexy Valves

And A Sexy Picture of Some Valves or Tubes, However you wish to call them.

The End...

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05 Oct 2001

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