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Black Widow Audio

Welcome to Black Widow Audio!

DIY Audio dedicated to Hi-end Audio Equipment, without the need for wasting your dolla. Letting the music flow. All the Electronics info on this site is free.

BI Amp PSUStill Hot from the soldering iron. The first Stage of my System Upgrade The Power Supply Unit for my BI Amped System. 600VA Monster....

The Articles and Datasheets pages have been updated, with more articles from Burr Brown, Texas Instruments, and some valve Datasheets for the Tubes used in the Leak Through Line 3 Tuner.

Updated Power AmplifierI have updated the 60watt HiFi Power amplifier project, added the specs for the original circuit and the parts list for the original Amplifier Circuits.

More has been written in the start of my 'paper' or article, on Power Supplies, this is still being written so bare with me!

New AppendixLeak Tuner - H. J Leak & Sons Trough Line 3 Valve Tuner. I recently Acquired, and thought it would be of interest to some.

Coming Soon - Article / Project on Power Supplies. I have started this article, it will include more info on the External Power Supply I built for myself to power some of my accessories. If anyone would like to do a bit of editing and contribute to this site feel free to e-mail me.

Check out the tips and post me any good ideas I will give the person all the glory, or want to improve the current tips? This is a DIY site with useful info, not all of it is mine, I give full reference to the Authors. So if you feel you would like to contribute or add to e-mail me.

PCB's - A few people have asked about, the possibility of supplying PCB's. This would be possible if I had approximately 10 - 15 people interested, in a particular project. I have a company who manufacture PCB's locally in minimum quantities, with very nice results. If you would like more info e-mail me.

Hot Line Driv/RxI have added a little to the Line Driver and Receiver, this could be used for XLR Cables.

If you have any question about the site just e-mail me on the contact page. I like comments on the site they help me to improve it. Any info what so ever is useful.

Hot Pages

Hot Headphone AmpHeadphone Amp - feat Natural crossfeed & Class-a biasing

Hot PreampPreamp / Headphone Amp Combo

These pages include info on Natural crossfeed, acoustic processing, class-a biasing of opamps and other more useful information.

I have been writing the third project Line Driver and Receiver, this is still being written, I have done the Driver schematic, well the prototype, and I have now drawn the receiver circuit as well, so keep posted for the latest info.

The Articles & Downloads page have been updated to include yes! Loads of Audio Related downloads and articles, which will be good background knowledge for any of the projects I will be publishing or plan to publish. Check out the articles on crossfeed. Loads of useful data sheets have also been included. Click on the Articles Page for more.

This site is still under construction but is updated regularly so comeback soon. Please let me know what you think of this site.

Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips, projects, links, etc.

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