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Black Widow Audio

Tips & Troubleshooting

Experience is the best teacher...

On this page are some tips and tricks learned along the way. Where appropriate, steps or pictures will be included to help clarify explanations.

Feel free to contribute your own tips - The best ones will be posted so everyone can see them.

Imagine the possibilities, they are endless, use your imagination to your advantage...

Tip 1: Time is for Free If you want you gear to sound good, remember as a hobbyist your time is for free. We all know how much you want to hear your results but... Trust me take your time, check it, measure it, and recheck it against the circuit diagram. It'll payoff in the long run.

Tip 2: Have Fun This is supposed to be fun. So if you get pissed-off at it take a break, go get pissed, or do something else, whatever just don't get pissed-off, you'll screw it up.

Tip 3: If you are running opamps and they get warm or you live on a warm continent such as the middle east, Asia, etc. Try using a copper coin as a heatsink, in the UK I use 1p and 2p coins, in Dubai I used a 20fils piece, these can be bent to a U-shape or L-shape, and glued on with heat conductive glue, this is best or araldite works well. This will help preserve the life of your IC's, I have used this on Voltage regulators as well. Try it, remember you can never have too much heatsink!...

Tip 4: When sawing potentiometer shafts to length, rap the body in cling film and secure around the shaft with a small elastic band, this will prevent any dust from getting in side the track and contacts, reducing the life of the pot. Remember to clean the plastic film before removing it to clear any excess dust away.

Page Updated:

October 24, 2001

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