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Black Widow Audio


Useful Links

On this page are links to other sites & authors that I admire and look to.

If you notice any broken links, let me know.

Let me have your site address and I will include it in the links page.

Audio Electronics

Elliot Sound Products - Probably the best DIY Audio Website on the net, Great Site and Good Info.

Printed Electronics - Another great Website from our friends 'downunder'. The site is the home of the AKSA amplifier kit. I recommend you check it out.

The Class-A Amplifier Site - Lots of John L Hood info.

DIY Audio Page - Electronics Links

Passlabs - Home of the ZEN amplifier

Sheldon's Audio Designs - Great DACs info


Linkwitz Lab - Accoustic Resource Site

D. Self - A leading figure in audio design, this site has some good articles and info on some of his designs, shame the site is rarely updated.


Headwize - A Site full of some interesting technical articles, and full of designs for Headphone amplifiers, also lots of info on crossfeed.


Svetlana's - Tube Zone

Triode Electronics online - Tube Electronics Resource.

World Audio Design - Valve amps and Info. They supply kits and publish articles in Hi-Fi World Magazine

Audio Links

Audio Related Internet WWW & FTP Sites. Great selection of links. - Audio related links and search engine

Audio Related Links Page - The Best View to Electronics in the Web - The Intelligent Audio Directory


Williams Hart Electronics - UK Based DIY audio component and kit suppliers

RS Components - UK Based international parts suppliers that stock virtually anything.

Farnell Components - International Parts Suppliers

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27 August 01

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