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Black Widow Audio

Current System

What makes the music

The state of my system is always changing, over the years several combinations of amp and pre-amp have been used.

Currently I am using a Pre-amp designed by Douglas Self this is called the "Precision Pre-amp 96", unfortunately I will not be able to Publish the design in detail, because it was not my original design. I may however in the future try to get permission to publish this or parts of. Details of the design can be found however at his website and a link can be found in the link pages elsewhere on this site.

Precision Preamp

The pre-amp is an op-amp design, which has several interesting design features. It has six inputs, including the tape loop, RIAA phone stage and a CD input. The CD input has an attenuater to allow for the 2V RMS output of the CD. The Phono stage is a lovely design which features 0.05db accuracy and very low noise, it is also switchable between, MM and MC. The MC stage, uses parallel transistors on the input for low noise and a DC servo to ensure output offset is at a minimum, this is a glorious design. The rest of the pre-amp is made up of, an active balance control, active sliding tone controls and an active gain stage. Doug self is well know in Audio design, and has a lot of experience, which is easy to see if you look at any of his designs.

60 Watt Power Amp

The Current amp is a pretty standard, transistor amp using 2N3055 power transistors, running at about 80mA quiescent current. This a nice simple amp giving about 60 Watts RMS, and sounds remarkably good. Details of this amp will be made available to the web site.

Headphone Amp

I also use a headphone amplifier of my own design, which uses accoustic correction natural crossfeed (J.Meier), my version of the project here is biasied to class-a, this is a remarkable sounding amplifier, with real simple design.

For the signal sources, I use Tape, Minidisc, CD, Vinyl and a tuner. These are all pretty standard, Nice Quality units.

The CD Player is a NAD 502, this was a brilliant unit in it's time, it has however been upgraded, the output op amps were changed to high quality burr-brown devices, this offered a remarkable improvement to the unit, that I am really pleased with.

As time goes by these pages will be added to and improved, this website is a little project for me when I have free time, so it will be continuously updated, as time allows. As things get built they will be published and shown on the site for anyone to use, so make sure you come back and check again for anything of interest.

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05 Sept 01

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